Where can I find more information?

Try the Agenzia Entrate.

How do I add member/customer specific fields?

Some fields reqired to generate the XML files are customer specific and need to be entered on Cobot.
These are:

  • "Codice Destinatario" — this is a code you need to enter for each of your members
  • "Codice Fiscale" - tax code, for members who do not have a tax id
  • "PEC" — this is the email address used to send the electronic invoice to your member

To enter the information yourself or let your members do it, go to Cobot and add a member question or custom field with the same name as the field you need (the name has to be exacly the same as above). We will use that information to populate the XML invoice files.

What if invoices are invalid?

First check if any of the columns in the table are red. If you move the mouse over the red text, you will get an error message.

If you can't sport the problem, please contact support and we will take a look.

Why are some addresses red/invalid?

Make sure the address field of the invoice contains just the address, no additional information like the tax id. If it still does not, you can manually enter the address parts by clicking "edit" next to the invoice.

Some Tax IDs are missing in the overview

If you see a missing tax id in the invoice table, that means the invoice on Cobot does not have one. You can enter one by editing the invoice on Cobot (click on its number in the table).

Why are some tax ids invalid?

First of all make sure that all tax ids start with the two letter country code. Without it, the id is not valid.

Secondly, we send all tax ids to an EU service for validation, so any tax id that does not actually exist will be invalid.

What do I have to do with the downloaded XML files?

The files need to be sent to the Italian government. Companies like systems GmbH will do this for you in a compliant way, including digital signing and archiving.

What's with this progressivo invio

The XML documents you send to the Italian government are consecutevily numbered. If you ever download an XML file and don't send it, make sure to set the progressivo invio back to what it was before.